We have been so pleased with the progress our son has made!
We have been so pleased with the progress our son has made!

Behavior Based Learning

Behavior Based Learning understands the importance of

We all learn differently and finding the best techniques for your
child's learning style are key in teaching your child how to learn!

Behavior Based Learning utilizes principles of Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA), a teaching methodology based upon
demonstration, objective evidence, and direct measures.

ABA has demonstrated effective teaching throughout its history,
beginning with Ivar Lovaas and colleagues at UCLA, suggesting that
early, intensive, home-based behavioral teaching provides the best
opportunity for children with autism to have successful learning

ABA is an objective discipline, focusing on the reliable
measurement and objective evaluation of observable behavior(s).  
Examples of objective literature can be found at the
Resources link.

The importance of early and effective intervention in a child's
learning cannot be underestimated.  

Studies cite early, well-designed intervention as key to a successful
lifelong learning experience.

What We Do
We take into consideration the fine history of ABA, incorporating an
ever-expanding collection of findings in the fields of education, child
development, and cognitive-behavioral methodologies to develop
the teaching program best suited for your child (